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天域標誌有限公司 - 簡介




多謝我們一班滿意客戶的不斷支持, 我們的業務範圍已由一些一般的分包小型工程大大延申至涵蓋數百萬元的一站式設計建造項目。今天的招牌產品已超越傳統的模式與範籌。我們比以往接獲更多的客戶要求, 希望我們能為他們提供更多創意招牌方案, 利用不同類型和模式的招牌, 包括全彩LED屏幕,來彰顯他們的實體企業形象。

隨著客戶越來越認識今天的招牌的安裝安全性和專業化, 加上我們多年來取得的不同相關許可證,我們今天可為客戶帶來的服務已包含正式的結構電氣計算及一系列相關的法定文件提交服務



機電工程署 / 註冊電業承辦商No.027398

建造業議會 / 註冊分包商No.R003953

屋宇署 / I級小型工程承辦商MWC831 / 2011


Teamwork Sign 3 Limited started off its business from a humble signage producer in the early 90’s and has since developed into a truly professional signage builder. The company now takes care of a wide spectrum of corporate client requests for their physical image, including consultation, design, production, installation and maintenance of various types of signage and affiliated products.

The company owns its own production plant based in Dongguan. All fabrications are exclusively and effectively controlled and monitored to meeting customers’ requirements and budgets. At the same time ensuring quality and delivery time. This has contributed much to the relative work efficiency and hence our building of long term relationships and trusts with our customers for the past 20 years.


Thanks to the continual support of our satisfied customers, scope of our business has extended considerably over the years to cover everything from general subcontracted works to multi-million one-stop-shop design-and-build projects. Product offerings today has gone beyond traditional signage provisions and more than ever we receive client requests for creative use of signage (in all types and forms, including full-colour LED screens) to promote their corporate images.

As clients increasingly appreciate the safety and professionalism needed in the posting and mounting of signage today, by virtue of our attainment in relevant licenses qualifying us of doing, our service has extended also to include formal structural / electrical calculations and statutory submission services.


EMSD / Registered Electrical Contractor No.027398
Construction Industry Council / Registered Subcontractor No. R003953

Buildings Department / Registered (Class 1) Minor Works Contractor No. MWC831/2011

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